Lips of Life

Words can shape perspective.
Words can provide answers.
Words can produce willingness.

Words can release suppressed emotion.
Words can birth new thought patterns.
Words can cultivate integrity.
Words can open doors to faith.
Words can deepen intimacy.
Words can unite the farthest souls.

Words can pave paths to unconditional love.
Words can form character, creating people of excellence.
Words can unleash joy in abundance.
Words can create abounding hope.

Words can resolve wars.
Words can liberate bondage. Release oppression.
Words can initiate a revolution. Trigger revival.
Words can ignite passion, mobilizing action.

Words can create opportunity.
Words can position someone into their destiny.

What are you speaking?

You have the choice:
The opportunity to create life.

Creative Roots

Painting with Sister Jaymie, Age 3 

Painting with Sister Jaymie, Age 3 

I suppose art has always been apart of my life: an innate gift that was active in my childhood. I would spend hours drawing stories about my little make-believe characters, and also hid in my church’s resource room to make glittery creations to hang in my room. Art was the one subject I anticipated with such excitement, always bugging the teachers about the next time we would have it.

As I reflect, art took me out of the daily world and into a limitless realm of wonder where anything stirring in my mind was possible. Unfortunately, my creativity

came to a halt for 10 years when I was immersed in an eating disorder. As my journey toward healing began, my gifted passion slowly returned. Creating again significantly helped me move out of a destructive mode of perfectionism and into a life of freedom to express myself once again.

My art is not perfect, but it reflects the heart of who I am.

It sings a song.

It tells a story unique to me alone, which I find to be a priceless gift that no man can buy.