A Taste of Life & Death

Taste of Life and Death

Many people ask me the symbolism behind the skeleton figures that are frequently portrayed in my paintings. This mirrors the death and destruction that has been accompanied by a long-lived eating disorder. It echoes the lifelessness that sometimes lingers within me, such as the days when I feel like there’s nothing left of me to give. The Skelton reflects a cry from an afflicted heart, a plea for a touch of healing, and a prayer for a glimmer of hope in a hopeless situation.

I like to portray a taste of life and death through my art, aware that we all experience both sides in our journeys. Lately, my art is undergoing a transition to more human qualities versus the skeletal forms. I have been inspired to draw female characters in human form, depicting my personal transition from death to life. I have been inspired by the “warrior princess” theme, as it has been a fight to obtain a life sourced in peace, joy, and hope.

Critical words of hatred have had tremendous impact upon the course of my life journey. I have experienced the effects of starvation from words, yet their power of nourishment. I feel grateful that the past few years have birthed renewal, positive perspective, and hope for the future. I feel incredibly blessed to receive continual freedom to let my new self splash like sunlight to every dark place through my art. It’s my prayer that my art serves to inspire those who are in dark places.