DA'S Mission

I am a self-taught artist located in Nashville, Tennessee. My artistic mission is to radiate life through my paintings and illustrations. As an artist in recovery from an adolescent eating disorder, most of my artwork is based off of biblical scripture that speaks of freedom, healing, and redemption in Jesus Christ. I am also deeply inspired by the desert, as it has been the place that I have received my healing. Though some view the wilderness terrain as a sun scorched wasteland, I have learned to find diamonds in the desert. I enjoy using vibrant colors to reflect the radiancy of the desert, as it has been my sacred place of meeting my Creator and facing my true self.

My other artistic mission is to use my art in forms that elevate awareness to the common man of the power that the mouth holds. Our words carry enormous weight. They can build, yet they can destroy. We all have the choice to express life-giving qualities through our words, actions, and intentions. I am fueled with inspiration to use my art to motivate others to use words that influence minds and hearts to speak words of life. By reproducing my art into greeting cards, I hope my art will serve as a way that keeps people connected and inspired to speak nourishing words to themselves and others. The more life-giving words that permeate the world, the more positive change can take place.